grant criteria

Bishop’s Waltham Educational Institute (BWEI) awards grants to address local community needs.

Please note that the grants criteria are intended as a general guideline for applicants to determine whether or not their particular project is eligible for funding. Meeting these criteria does not automatically lead to the award of a grant.

1 The area of benefit is defined as Bishop’s Waltham and surrounding areas.
2 The trustees will consider applications from charities, local organisations and national groups with local connections. Applications from or on behalf of individuals are also considered.
3 Grants are awarded in the interests of social welfare to improve the conditions of life and for the advancement of education.
4 A grant may only be used for the specific purpose(s) outlined in the grant application.
5 Grants will be considered for both specific projects and operational costs.
6 The grant will be released in accordance with the reasonable cash flow requirements of the project. Therefore a detailed budget for the project may be required. The organisation’s most recent accounts may also be required.
7 Matched funding may be necessary and if required payments will not be made until this has been proven.
8 Where appropriate the grant may take the form of a specific item rather than a cash payment.
9 All recipients will be required to report on how the grant money has been spent and on the impact which the grant has made. Arrangements for monitoring and evaluation will be agreed in advance.
10 The applicants may be required to attend an interview with the trustees to support their application.
11 Applicants who receive a grant are not eligible to apply again until 12 months after the date of the grant award. Please note that the Trustees usually prefer not to fund year on year.
12 BWEI reserves the right to suspend any future payments and to require repayment of any monies not used for the designated purpose or not being used effectively.
13 BWEI reserves the right to publicise the details of grant awards unless the applicant expressly requests confidentiality at the time of application.
14 Grant committee meetings are held twice each year. The deadline for submitting applications is 2 months prior to the meetings.

making an application

All applicants must submit a request which summarises their appeal. The application should be kept as simple as possible avoiding the use of technical terms or jargon and include any documentation which may support their claim. Applicants should include the following details:

1 State clearly who they are, what they do and whom they seek to help.
2 Give the applicant’s status e.g. registered charity or individual.
3 Describe clearly the project for which the grant is sought detailing:
i) The aim of the project and why it is needed.
ii) What practical results it will produce.
iii) How many people will benefit.
iv) How the project fits within the objects of Bishop’s Waltham Educational Institute grant criteria ‘to improve the conditions of life in the interests of social welfare and for the advancement of education’.
4 State what funds have already been raised and from whom and name any other sources of funding being applied for
5 Include a detailed budget for the project.
6 Ask for a specific amount.
7 Explain how the project will be monitored and evaluated.
8 Explain where the on-going funding (if required) will be obtained.
9 Include the organisation’s most recent accounts agreed by an auditor or independent examiner. If these accounts show a significant surplus or deficit, please explain.

The application must be received 2 months before the date of the grant committee meetings, which are held biannually. The closing date for the next award is 31st May 2018

Submissions can be made by post or email, see our contact page